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  1. Is design service part of your furniture proposal?
        Yes.Our service capabilities allow us to provide design solutions. Together products, knowledge and     services mean winning solutions for our customers.
  2. What is the most ergonomic task chair from your selection range?
        Definetely the design of the decatde is the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller. It became the obvious focus for     the first application of the Posture Fit technology.
  3. How long is your oferred warranty?
        Warranties range between 5-12 years depending on the product suppliers. All Herman Miller products have     a 12 years warranty.



A revolutionary seating solution, based on two decades of research into how people sit, the activities they perform and how to provide healthy support for people of all shapes and sizes.
The new design promotes the comfort and health of all users, with a 'one-of-a-kind' appearance, and is suitable for any and every office activity.

Designed to perform as an extension of the human anatomy, the Aeron chair echoes the body's movements and anticipates its needs like a pair of comfortable and expertly fitted jogging shoes.

The Aeron chair adjusts to any position you assume for any task you perform. The adjustments are simple, allowing you to change your posture regularly while working.

The best part about the Aeron chair is the Pellicle suspension system. Comprised of a special material that is strong and stretchy, it envelopes your back and bottom to support you while distributing the load over the entire area thereby minimizing pressure points. And the mesh allows airflow to your skin to keep you comfortable and dry.

Some may find the back of the Aeron chair to be slightly short for full support. It supports the shoulder blades, the most essential part, but if you want full back and shoulder support you may be out of luck depending on your size.

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